EMI COFFEE VIETNAM (vietsub ở dưới)

1. Nguyen Thanh Tri’s Garden in Gia Lai Province.

2. Garden area of 3 ha with 3000 coffee trees 8 years old.

3. Garden with an altitude of 700 meters above sea level.

4. The whole garden has switched to using Bioproduct micro-organisms EMINA for 4 years, do not use plant protection chemicals 5. and has used organic fertilizer for 2 years, no chemical fertilizers.

6. Each year, Mr. Tri spray 3 times of Bioproduct micro-organisms

7. with 100 liters bio EMINA dissolve in 5000 liters water per time for 3ha.
8. EMI coffee has a very special and clean taste.

9. Delicious EMI coffee rise from it was absorbed by special non-substituting amino acids

10. – was born in the process of decomposing organic fertilizer of special yeast – only in microbiology EMINA.

11. This yeast is not available in natural coffee gardens and These types of amino acid coffee plants cannot be synthesized.

12. EMI coffee is clean from input materials with organic fertilizer and uses microorganisms of natural origin to replace chemicals. 13. During planting, EMI coffee is taken care of by EMI method, natural without using chemicals.

14. Finished coffee, washed with water, picked by hand, only ripe and dried seeds on clean tarpaulin.

15. After drying, coffee is peeled, honey, natural and dried in the establishment, ensure food safety.

16. Regarding cleanliness, organic fertilizer for EMI Coffee has tested many standard certificates.

17. That’s how we make EMI coffee, delicious for you.